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Turkey's first and 
most comprehensive 
mobile banking app

Isbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, has been collaborating with Monitise since 
2007. A pioneer in Turkish mobile banking, it offers one of the most comprehensive 
mobile solutions with more than 200 transaction types.

Monitise recently renewed the user interface of Isbank's mobile apps and online banking, 
making content easier to view and manage, ensuring the most relevant information is 
displayed prominently. Having passed the 3 million downloads landmark, IsBank mobile 
apps continue to attract new customers with unique features such as login with Touch 
ID, graphic display of holdings and liabilities, OR code cash withdrawals.

Monitise and Isbank expanded their partnership outside Turkey with the new iPhone, 
Android apps and online banking services for CJCS Isbank, lsbank's Russian brand.

Flying high over
the digital world

Turkish Airlines is not only ranked as Turkey's largest airline but also voted as 
"Europe's Best Airline". Turkish Airline first partnered with Monitise in 2009, to become 
the first airline to offer mobile services in Turkey and later became one of 
the first airlines to integrate Passbook in the world.

In 2014, Turkish Airlines once again chose Monitise to revamp its services to better serve 
ever-changing customer needs. The brand wanted to offer a seamless way to complete 
all flight preparations on-the-go. Therefore, it engaged Monitise to launch a new suite of 
mobile apps, now available for Phone, Android, Windows Phone 8 and HTML5, both in 
Turkish and English. With the sophisticated new apps, over one million customers are 
now able to enjoy a much faster, user-friendly, seamless mobile experience.

First 'health banking app' 
for Apple Watch 
by Monitise Innovation Lab

Monitise launched the first 'health banking app' for Apple Watch designed and devel- 
oped for Emirates National Bank of Dubai, the leading banking group in the UAE. 
Promoting the mantra of 'health is wealth', Emirates NBD Fitness App offers Emirates 
Fitness account customers higher interest rates based on their physical activity as
tracked through the Apple Watch or another Apple Health fitness tracker app.

Users can set a target number of steps each day and earn additional interest based on 
their achievements. They can also qualify for free insurance coverage, enjoy 'money off' 
vouchers provided by Emirates NBD's partner network, and enter prize draws.

A digital transformation
story in banking

Turkish Economy Bank (BNP Paribas Turkey, known as TEB), is one of the most presti- 
gious and tech-savvy banks of the region, having been awarded BNP Paribas' Innovation 
Award. Collaborating with Monitise since 2009, TEE most recently spearheaded a digital 
transformation to branchless banking that has mobile at its cornerstone.

One third of the bank's internet customers are using iOS and Android applications en- 
riched with convenient, mobile-only features, such as gesture logins, OR code-based 
case withdrawals, and bill payments via barcode scanner.

Personalized lifestyle 
and loyalty platform 
designed by CREATE

Dogus Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey, partnered with CREATE Istanbul to 
create the iOS, Android and Website of their new ZUBIZU program. ZUBIZU is a personalized 
lifestyle and loyalty platform which is designed to make customer experiences uniquely rewarding. 

ZUBIZU gives user the access of daily up-to-date contents about the latest lifestyle trends, 
upcoming events and special campaigns nearby. ZUBIZU also allows users to pay on the go.

Welcome aboard 
for a digital flight

Europe's fastest growing airline, Pegasus Airlines, renovated its mobile offerings, 
partnering with Monitise. New iPhone, iPad and Android apps can take the customer from 
planning and purchase through to boarding, all via mobile. With shortened, simplified steps, 
customers can purchase flights in less than a minute, save the contacts they frequently fly 
with and pre-populate key fields during the purchase process. Also enriched with Passbook 
integration, Pegasus Mobile allows users to check-in within seconds, choose seats, 
order meals and buy baggage allowance.

The app's ability to drive customer satisfaction can be credited to a combination of user-cen- 
tric design and intuitive user experience, which uses rich imagery to highlight destinations and 
products. Additionally, push messaging technology in the apes creates the much sought-after 
customer loyalty, providing a long-term financial benefit to the company by creating custom- 
ers who keep coming back.

Most comprehensive and 
user-friendly mobile banking 
in the UAE

First Gulf Bank's new iPhone and Android apps are among the most comprehensive 
and user-friendly mobile banking applications in the UAE.

Designed and developed by Monitise, FGB Mobile lets users perform their banking transactions 
on the go, in Arabic and English, providing breakthrough features including a branch locator 
leveraging augmented reality, P2P money transfers to mobile numbers, and even utility 
and operator payments.

With FGB Mobile Banking, users can access their bank account and make inquiries on term 
deposits, credit cards and loans. The app also allows making local and international fund 
transfers between user's own accounts and to other accounts, coupled with convenience 
services such as merchant offers integration and e-statement subscription.

FGB Mobile makes it possible to send money to any UAE Mobile number 7/24 and the 
beneficiary is able to withdraw the amount from FGB ATMs as a cardless transaction.

Next generation 
digital banking experience

Turkiye Finans, the leading participation bank in Turkey, chose Monitise to transfer its financial 
services to mobile. Enriched with features such as bill payment with barcode scanning, live 
market information monitoring, user profile customization and ATM/Branch locator via 
augmented reality technology, Turkiye Finans Mobile quickly became the best rated mobile 
banking application in Turkey with an average rating of 4.5 / 5 stars.

Best rated digital banking 
application in Saudi Arabia

A major bank based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Arab National Bank is among the top ten largest 
banks in the Middle East. With the applications' rich functionality and easy-to-use nature, ANB 
Mobile was featured as the best rated mobile banking application on Saudi Gazette.

ANB customers can simply apply for a passport or pay their taxes with the ease of their 
everyday banking companion.

Innovative digital 
banking experience

One of the largest participation banks in Turkey, Albaraka Bank was looking for ways to 
innovate its offerings and engage with its customers on a deeper level. With the new iPhone 
and Android applications, designed and developed by Monitise, Albaraka Bank is now by 
its customers' side 24/7.

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