Two-way alerting that lets the customer reply

  • Create actionable conversations with customers

    The rules engine and two-way alerts create actionable use cases for customer replies. Alerts can be used to quickly identify fraud, manage accounts or be used as a marketing channel.

    Deliver multi-channel alerts across SMS, push, and email.

    Proactively engage customers with informational, actionable and conversational alerts.

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Manage alerts and alert preferences

  • Choose alert types and channels

    The preference engine manages all consumer alerts, affording users a consistent experience across all alert types, from marketing to fraud protection.

    Out-of-box alerts

    We can help you set alert priorities and preferences. With eight years in financial service alerting, Monitise has the alert templates you need ready to go.

Consolidate existing and new alerts

  • Bring alert data sources together on one platform

    Enterprise Alerting’s strength is its ability to consume data from multiple sources and provide a single output of an alert to multiple destinations.

    Complement your existing offering

    Augment your current mobile offering with Enterprise.
    Alerting to enhance the customer alerting experience.

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