Banks are under operational and market pressures; consumer expectations 
are growing and competition is becoming intense and agile.

The ability to innovate digitally - safely, securely and with agility -
is core to a bank's ability to defend and grow its business.
We created FINkit to solve this problem

Combining platform, processes, partners and specialist FS skills
Embracing cloud native principles for faster innovation
Built to provide bank grade security, compliance and performance
Focused on getting innovation out of the labs and into the market
We've designed FINkit with a micro-services architecture making every feature use-case independent. This enables features to be re-used, enhanced and assembled in different ways to maximise innovation. These are just some of the most immediate solutions that you can assemble using FINkit.
Transaction Controls
Enable your customers to temporarily block their cards, control spending and actively defend against fraud.
Rich Notifications
Engage your customers with timely reminders and alerts for in-store and online transactions, building interaction and insight for their spending.
Active Authentication
Using PSD2-ready identity and authentication technologies, enable your customers to move on from hard tokens and SMS One-time Passcodes
Account Opening
Ready for all important digital growth? We've assembled all the essential capabilities to enable you to open accounts with a new seamless integrated experience.
Payment Innovation
Need to improve your remittance proposition or enable social payments for your customers? We've got that covered with a range of market standard and startup partnerships.
Account Guard
Help your customers with new insights, alerts and actions for their bills and regular payments. We're PSD2 ready, enabling customers to securely permit push payments, as well as account and data access for seamless accounting, expenditure and income verifications, including 3rd parties.
The age of the Bot is upon us, we're working on new automated, innovative ways for your customers and their devices to seamlessly interact with your services.
Enhanced Travel
Getting away can be the highlight or the low-light of the year - no-one benefits from card blocks abroad and overspending. We're ready to tailor our new innovative traveler experience for your customers.
Trusted for over a decade
FINkit builds upon over a decade of experience Monitise has of delivering digital services to banks and financial services partners. Whether it is augmenting legacy systems, a greenfield project, or strategic digital transformation, FINkit delivers innovation at speed, safely and securely, with minimal impact on legacy systems

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