Buy Anything

  • Enabling mobile commerce - for retailers, media owners, banks and telcos


    Retailers, media partners, banks and mobile network operators can join the mobile commerce market with Monitise.


    Consumers are now able to enjoy convenient, secure and fast mobile shopping on their Smartphone with Monitise ‘Buy Anything’.


    Our unique technology enables an instant checkout process via saved account details and provides a seamless shopping experience from within the mobile banking app. 

    Enabling  mobile commerce
  • Instant Mobile Checkout -


    Customers can quickly, easily and intuitively discover products via Product ID, QR Code or Image Recognition technology, and then purchase them instantly.


    Increase sales conversion and create revenue opportunities from all brand communications in any channel, including print, outdoor, ecommerce, mcommerce and social media. Convert all online and offline sales into one streamlined channel.


    Buy Anything makes intelligent use of: Merchandising recommendations, cross-sell & up-sell; Coupons, vouchers & offers; Data management & analysis; Loyalty & rewards; Geo-location services.


    Deployed as a standalone app or integrated into your app.

    Instant Mobile Checkout
  • Mobile Marketplace -


    Marketplace allows products to be placed anywhere, for consumers to purchase wherever and whenever they choose. This can be tailored for apps, mobile environments and websites.


    Uniquely, we can enable access to a series of marketplace partners who are trusted brands with an established consumer base.


    ·        Provide your customers an extended range of products

    ·        Allow users to browse products from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers; by categories, by retailer, through product filters or through open searches

    ·        Configurable to support the branding and tone of partners

    Mobile  Marketplace
  • Mobile Marketing -


     You can reach, engage and reward this audience to supercharge your marketing across multiple channels.


    We can provide a comprehensive marketing suite covering in-app banners, messaging and notifications. This provides retailers and advertisers with opportunities to market relevant products and services to an audience who are interested, engaged and ready to buy.


    ·        Create targeted, personalised, relevant and highly interactive communications

    ·        Allows for creative formats that support rich media content

    ·        Can be applied to vouchers, surveys, cash back and loyalty scheme

    ·        Can be provided as a fully managed service or as a flexible set of tools for partners to manage their own campaigns

    Mobile  Marketing
  • Online Checkout -


    Provide quick and seamless online checkout - the stage that highest purchase attrition occurs from lengthy online processes. Buy Anywhere enables a quick and seamless checkout whereby customers register their details once within their mobile payments app and can then securely and conveniently shop using the smartphone.


    ·        Consumers can simply use any retailer registered with our online checkout, and avoid multiple account registrations 

    ·        Retailer offers instant checkout that still captures all the customer and transaction data

    Online Checkout