Metavante and Monitise Americas Launch Text message banking

25 Feb 2009

Service enables consumers to use text messaging for alerts and any-time balance information

Monitise plc (MONI.L) welcomes the news that Monitise Americas, the mobile money people, and Metavante today announced the launch of text message banking services. The service will allow consumers to use text messaging to obtain any-time balance information on their accounts. It also enables consumers to set alerts, to notify them when their balance is low or when their payroll deposit has arrived, for example. Metavante Corporation is the first provider to deploy the new technology from Monitise Americas. Metavante (NYSE:MV) is a leading provider of banking and payments technology.

Monitise Americas is well-known for providing mobile money services using secure applications that consumers download to their cell phones. The company has added text message banking to deliver financial information to all mobile phone users, whether they have advanced, data-enabled handsets or more simple devices.

"Text alerts have become mainstream for many consumer services today. Many of us already receive news alerts on our mobile," said Lisa Stanton, chief executive officer of Monitise Americas. "Especially in this economy, consumers have told us that they want immediate access to their financial information. Mobile financial alerts will allow consumers to manage their money any time, anywhere, and I firmly believe that there is no better time to introduce this than now."

The integration of Metavante payments solutions - including bill pay, prepaid and the NYCE Network - with its mobile financial services creates a clear line of sight to mobile payments and commerce. This type of integration also creates the benefit of making mobile services available to virtually all account holders at a financial institution.

"Metavante is committed to keeping our clients competitive by moving consumers to mobile banking," said Frank D'Angelo, group president, Metavante Payment Solutions, and chairman of the board for Monitise Americas. "By enabling this text messaging functionality, we are making money management via a mobile phone available to virtually anyone, and making it easy for even reluctant consumers to engage with the idea of using their mobile phones to manage their finances."


About Monitise Americas

Monitise Americas is a joint venture between Metavante Corporation, a leading provider of banking and payments technologies to financial institutions and businesses worldwide and Monitise plc (MONI.L), the mobile money specialists.  Monitise Americas provides mobile banking and payment services to North American financial institutions based on an "ecosystem" principle, which allows multiple mobile carriers and financial institutions to deliver services over a single platform. It has a sister ecosystem in the United Kingdom, MONILINK, developed by Monitise plc in partnership with VocaLink. Current partners of MONILINK include: first direct, Alliance & Leicester, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Hutchison 3G.

For more information on Monitise Americas and details of how to benefit from participating in its cross-America ecosystem, please visit and


About Metavante

Metavante Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:MV) is the parent company of Metavante Corporation. Metavante Corporation delivers banking and payments technologies to over 8,000 financial services firms and businesses worldwide. Metavante products and services drive account processing for deposit, loan and trust systems, image-based and conventional check processing, electronic funds transfer, consumer healthcare payments, electronic presentment and payment, outsourcing, and payment network solutions including the NYCE Network, a leading ATM/PIN debit network. Metavante ( is headquartered in Milwaukee.

About Monitise plc


Monitise plc (MONI.L), the mobile money people, has created the world's first mobile banking networks, which allow customers of multiple banks and mobile operators to perform banking and payment transactions directly from their mobile handset.

With live services in the UK and the USA, where it has delivered the MONILINK and Monitise networks in partnership with VocaLink and Metavante Corporation respectively, the Company is currently working with international partners to deliver similar safe, secure mobile banking & payment services in territories worldwide.

Current key partners include VocaLink, Metavante, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, first direct, Alliance & Leicester, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Hutchison 3G.