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Clairmail Plus Solution

Cellphone Banking

The Challenge: Mid-Market Financial Institutions Need a Better Mobile Solution

Mid-market financial institutions (FIs) need an exceedingly competitive mobile solution in order to keep pace with larger competitors and to support their high-touch relationships with customers or members. Recent industry research, however, suggests that existing mobile solutions for mid-market FIs are underperforming. While big, national banks averaged 37 percent mobile adoption rates in a recent study from Javelin Strategy & Research, credit unions achieved a mere 15 percent adoption, and regional/community banks experienced only 21 percent adoption.

This low adoption is attributable to the limited options available to mid-market FIs, given their budget and internal resource constraints. To date, mid-market FIs have had to settle for mobile solutions from their core banking providers or small, independent providers. Unfortunately, these solutions typically lack the deep functionality and rich user experience found with premium mobile banking and payment solutions.

The Answer: Clairmail Plus

Clairmail Plus is specifically designed to give mid-market FIs a mobile banking and payments solution with the world-class functionality and high-end user experience to rival their competitors - at an economical price. With Clairmail Plus, an FI can quickly deploy a high-end mobile banking solution on-premise or as a managed service in 90 days. Clairmail Plus is bundled with world-class adoption and mobile business services designed to exceed adoption and ROI targets, all at a mid-market price point and efficient integration methodology.

Additionally, Clairmail Plus is built with complete compatibility and an upgradable pathway to the full Clairmail Enterprise solution, without requiring implementation of a new code base.

Clairmail Plus Solution Package

The Clairmail Plus solution package includes the following:

  • Operations: Complete set of mobile banking and payment commands to retrieve account information and initiate transactions across messaging, mobile web and Smart Client applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Workflows: The workflow engine in the Clairmail platform ensures alignment with the FI's existing business processes and ecosystem.
  • Stand-Alone Enrollment: Stand-alone, front-end application enables both online banking and non-online banking customers to enroll for mobile banking via multiple customer service channel, including the Clairmail solution's online enrollment application, Smart Client applications, mobile web and CSR Console.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Pre-integrated with RSA to provided additional security layer. Also provides an open architecture to support an FI's existing MFA solution.
  • Connectors: Integrates with the FI's core system to fully support the capabilities needed for a successful mobile offering.
  • Reporting Tool: Enables FIs to produce ad hoc reports and dashboards to provide insight into system activity and end-user behavior as well as customer enrollment status. Pre-built reports and dashboards are also included.
  • Alerts: Alert definitions and templates for a wide variety of account management alerts across all three mobile modes.
  • Actionable Alerts: Alerts with a two-way response mechanism that enable customers to instantly reply to critical, time-sensitive notifications.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Accepts mobile check deposits by taking an image of the check using an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone and submitting the image to the FI's check clearing system via the Smart Client application.