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Clairmail Enterprise Solution

Cellphone Account Management

The Challenge: Customers Want Anytime, Anywhere Access to Bank Accounts

In today's volatile economy, financial institution (FI) customers are keeping an increasingly watchful eye over their personal finances. Analyst firm TowerGroup found that more than 70 percent of bank customers closely monitor their personal accounts and over 60 percent manage their money at all times, 24 hours a day. Today, more than ever, FI customers are feeling the need to stay vitally connected to their accounts.

The anytime, anywhere nature of the mobile channel provides a level of availability and immediacy not attainable with traditional banking channels, and makes it an ideal vehicle to proactively deliver high-value, personalized content to FI customers. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, 95 percent of U.S. banking customers own a mobile phone – most of which are kept within arm's reach at all times – and 86 million are projected to be actively mobile banking by 2015.

But which solution will empower FIs to maximize profitability via the mobile channel?

The Answer: Clairmail Enterprise Solution

As the undisputed leading mobile banking and payments solutions – with more active users than any other provider and the vendor of choice for FIs of all sizes, including over 1/3 of the top 50 North American FIs – the Clairmail solution delivers superior, enterprise-grade mobile account management.

The Clairmail Enterprise solution delivers proven benefits to FIs, including higher retention, greater customer acquisition, reduced costs and more profitable customers.

Clairmail Enterprise Solution Package

The Clairmail Enterprise solution package includes the following elements:

  • Operations: Complete set of mobile banking and payment commands, including the ability to retrieve account and balance information, perform transfers, pay bills and locate branches or ATMs. Depending on the level of deployment, these transactions can be performed across text banking, mobile web and Smart Client applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Alerts: Alert definitions and templates for a wide variety of account management alerts across all three mobile modes.
  • Remote Deposit Capture: Empowers customers to deposit checks by using the camera on their iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone to photograph the front and back of a check and submitting the images via the Smart Client application to the FI's check image processor, which are subsequently sent to the FI's existing check clearing system. The check's image quality is validated and the customer receives confirmation when the image is accepted.
  • Workflows: Can be customized by both FIs and customers with the workflow engine in the Clairmail platform to ensure alignment with the existing business processes and ecosystem.
  • Any Channel Enrollment: Stand-alone, front-end application enables customers to enroll for mobile banking via any customer service channel, including the Clairmail solution's online enrollment application, Smart Client applications, mobile web and the CSR Console.
  • Connectors: Integrate with the FI's back-end systems, including the core system, card system, IVR system, call center and others. Connectors can be customized to fit the FI's existing ecosystem.
  • Reporting: Enables FIs to view a variety of behavioral and activity metrics, including customers enrolled in mobile banking, alerts and requests sent per customer by time period, respondents for each response option and the state (e.g., responded, expired or open) of each alert. Both standard and ad-hoc capabilities are available.