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Implementation Services

Our implementation services team works closely with our clients to assure that the Monitise solution is installed and optimized to meet their business objectives. Having successfully deployed the Monitise solution at numerous financial institutions of all sizes, our experienced team of business and technology professionals utilize best practices throughout the implementation process to minimize impact on the institution's existing ecosystem and maximize ROI.

There are six phases in the implementation of the Monitise solution:

Phase Key Deliverables
STRATEGY: Define project objectives and critical success factors in the context of the client's broader strategic initiatives. Mobile Banking Checklist: Features and functionality included in the project scope, as defined by the client's business requirements.
DISCOVER: Ensure that project stakeholders and team members understand the project approach and objectives. Identify the business areas and processes impacted by the project. Kick-Off Meeting: 1½ to 2 day onsite meeting to familiarize all stakeholders with key aspects of the project.

DEFINE: Identify technical and business requirements for the solution and understand the trade-offs associated with high-level design decisions. Project Plan: Developed through marketing, training and testing planning sessions.
DESIGN: Create detailed solution design including network architecture and system interfaces. Define branding, marketing and adoption plans. Architecture and Design Documents: Detailed technical specifications which serve as the blueprint for development.
DEVELOP: Develop, deploy, and test the complete solution in the staging environment. User Acceptance Testing: Development and quality assurance (QA) testing of all work detailed in the Architecture and Design Documents.
DEPLOY: Move the solution to the production environment, confirm final acceptance and transition to Support. Work with the client to drive consumer adoption. Deployment Acceptance: Upon successful completion of QA testing, hand-off occurs between Implementation Services and Production Support.