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Adoption Services

Our adoption services team works closely with our clients to ensure that there is a high customer efficacy. By utilizing best practices at every step of the process, we empower our clients to exceed their ROI targets by maximizing customer adoption and usage, increasing retention and decreasing the cost to service each account. Additionally, we help our clients to leverage the mobile channel to cross-sell products and increase the wallet share of each customer, resulting in new incremental revenue.

  • Adoption Goal Setting: We work with clients to develop the implementation plan and determine the success criteria, including the adoption levels that are required to effectively meet their ROI targets.
  • Competitive Reviews: Our deep experience and continual tracking of current offerings assists clients to understand their competitive position in this fast-moving market.
  • Marketing Content: We provide clients with marketing best practices (including banner ads, FAQs, brochures, etc.) to maximize adoption rates and activity. Sharing these materials early in the process shortens the implementation time, improves the adoption rate, and creates a new channel to drive value to customers and shareholders.
  • Training: We assist clients with training programs, product documentation and demonstration materials to ensure that all pertinent staff personnel are properly trained and can confidently address all customer questions.
  • Client Surveys: We allow clients to participate in omnibus end-user surveys so that they can better understand the needs and concerns of their customers while benchmarking their progress against other financial institutions.
  • Business Reviews: Our adoption managers regularly meet with clients to review how the industry is evolving and to recommend best practices for achieving desired adoption levels and ROI targets.

Maximizing adoption is an ongoing process. As demonstrated by our comprehensive Adoption Services program, we are committed to ensuring that the Monitise solution continually delivers the best results for our clients.

To learn more about our complete suite of adoption services, send an email to adoption@monitise.com.

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