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Actionable, Smart and Cross-Modal Alerting

Deep engagement is critical in mobile banking and our solution empowers financial institutions (FIs) to proactively generate and send mobile alerts in order to deepen customer relationships, reduce costs and enhance revenue opportunities across the organization. Our industry leading alerting capabilities are actionable, smart and cross-modal.

Mobile screenshot
  • Actionable: In addition to informational alerts (which simply communicate a one-way message, such as notifying a customer when a deposit has occurred), we also offer "actionable" alerts – alerts with a two-way response mechanism that enable customers to instantly reply to critical, time-sensitive notifications. Replying to an actionable alert initiates workflows that automatically orchestrate processes between FI back-end systems in order to resolve issues or complete tasks.
  • Smart: Our solution empowers customers to set alert preferences on a variety of factors, such as dollar thresholds or event occurrences that activate alerts. Additionally, FIs can establish pre-defined conditions when an alert is generated and sent, such as a questionable account activity detected by its fraud system.
  • Cross-Modal: We uniquely support the delivery of alerts through any available communication channel, including SMS, email, mobile web and push notification service. Customers can select delivery methods when setting their alert preferences and choose either one or multiple channels for different notification types.