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Institution Wide Mobile Connectivity

Many FIs take a best-of-breed approach with their System of Record (SOR) implementations, frequently resulting in different source systems from a variety of vendors across banking products and functions. While this is highly problematic for other mobile solutions given their alignment with a single vendor core system approach, our platform's distinctive Mobile Connectivity Architecture (MCA) approach does not limit its mobile solution to a single core system or source system provider.

MCA enables the solution to be integrated with any SOR implementation at the FI, transactional feeds from banking networks, such as VisaNet, or functional systems, such as fraud management and marketing reward platforms. MCA allows integration to multiple source systems across the FI, resulting in a unified, enterprise-wide mobile solution.

  • Built for Enterprise-Wide Extensibility: MCA comprehensively covers all use cases and requirements —including account management, transaction monitoring and orchestration—and across all lines of business at the institution, ranging anywhere from retail and wholesale banking to brokerages, wealth management and treasury operations.
  • Modular Architecture for Flexibility: Through MCA, the platform can flexibly connect either to a middleware solution if one is already in place at the FI, or directly to the institution's systems, or to a combination of these approaches, depending on the IT environment. For additional flexibility, MCA is designed on a modular basis so that different connections are independent and can be plugged in and out individually, upgraded separately or added sequentially.
  • Multi-Channel Communication: MCA provides extensive and flexible connectivity to a wide range of customer interaction channels. MCA seamlessly connects with both mobile (SMS, mobile web and push notification services such as Apple) and non-mobile (including IVRs and ATMs) channels today, and possesses the flexibility to easily connect to new, emerging technologies, such as Twitter, Facebook and Widgets in the future.

MCA Diagram