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Any Channel Enrollment

Most mobile banking solutions today restrict enrollment in mobile banking services to current online banking (OLB) customers. The inherent problem is that this approach is much too limiting, as OLB adoption among US households is leveling off at 45 percent. With mobile banking adoption rates for this approach typically topping out at ten to 20 percent of OLB users, financial institutions (FIs) depending on OLB-centric enrollment can realistically only expect to reach 4.5 to nine percent of their total customer base.

In contrast, our solution opens itself to an FI's entire customer base by enabling enrollment through any channel:

Any Channel Enrollment
  • Online: Customers can sign up for mobile banking using the conventional method of enrollment via the FI's online banking website.
  • Contact Center: Customer service representatives (CSRs) can directly enroll customers for mobile banking at the contact center using the Clairmail solution's CSR Console.
  • Branch: Tellers can also use the CSR Console to enroll new mobile banking customers at the branch.
  • Mobile: Customers can directly enroll for mobile banking using their mobile device.
  • ATM: Customers can enroll for mobile banking at an ATM location.
  • IVR: Customers can enroll using the FI's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.