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Monitise Customers

Monitise is a leader in Mobile Money solutions in North America and across the globe, with the proven technology and expertise to enable financial institutions and other service providers to offer a wide range of mobile banking, payments and commerce services to their customers.

Many of the world's most forward-thinking financial institutions, including 1/3 of the top 50 banks in North America, choose our solution to power their mobile banking, payments and commerce offerings. Here's what some of them are saying:

"Santander and Monitise are strategic partners and have worked together recently to launch Santander's SmartBank service in the UK and Yaap Shopping, a mobile commerce service in Spain. Yaap is a joint venture between Santander, CaixaBank and Telefónica."
"Monitise has partnered with the MoneyPass® Network to offer a range of advanced Mobile Money services and card control capabilities to card issuers in the United States. The MoneyPass Network is operated by Elan Financial Services, a division of U.S. Bank."
"We needed a partner that would be able and willing to help us develop new and unique use cases outside of the traditional banking platform." Greg Spadea, Sr. Director, Portfolio Management and Partnerships, Sallie Mae
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras, home appliances, LTE systems, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions.

Samsung partnered with Monitise Create to develop My Galaxy, an application to help Samsung Galaxy owners get the most from their smartphones. My Galaxy is uniquely tailored to offer the most personalized customer experience and is packed full of features that truly unlock the benefits of being a Samsung customer.
"We looked at half a dozen different solutions. We went with Monitise because they provided us with good functionality today and a good roadmap for where they are going in the future. It's a partnership that is going to help us today, tomorrow and going forward." Kevin Guenthner, Chief Information Office
"Customer adoption has literally exceeded all expectations, as we achieved our first-year adoption goals within one month and surpassed our two-year adoption goals within two and a half months. Integrating the Monitise platform with our Fiserv-based core, online banking and bill pay systems presented unique challenges, but with the support of all parties, Monitise produced the complete solution on time and within budget." Rick Robel, Executive Vice President of Operations
"There is a strong alignment between the Monitise roadmap and the Webster roadmap in terms of the vision of where we see mobile going. What we are doing today in mobile is the tip of the iceberg, and it's great to have a partner that recognizes that we are just getting started. We have a platform for growth now." Greg Jacobi, Senior Vice President of Distribution
"We are extremely pleased with the response we've seen to our mobile banking and payments services so far and, with the support of Monitise and its technology platform, we look forward to delivering more innovative solutions across this space and beyond." Andrew Irvine, Senior Vice President
"Monitise was perhaps the only company that was in position to enable us to do banking for our customers. They provide the platform that allows us to reach our customers, and we're very excited about the uplift. We are really pleased that we have Monitise as a strategic partner in this space." George Kelsey, Chief of Integrated Architecture Technology Services
"By leveraging the existing text messaging on all mobile phones and delivering security alerts via the Monitise solution, PNC is providing convenient, secure and on-demand mobile banking services to our customers." Thomas S. Kunz, Senior Vice President, Director of e-Business
"Expanding our core businesses and developing new service initiatives for our customers are central to our strategy. We look forward to working with Monitise to help keep our corporate and individual customers at the forefront of innovative new mobile payments services being developed." Samuel So, Head of Cash Management
"Due to increased customer demand in this rapidly growing market, we realized the need to adopt a comprehensive mobile solution. After extensive vendor evaluation, we chose the Monitise solution to strategically grow our mobile initiative. Now our customers will have extended bank access through a service that goes everywhere and anywhere they are." Larry McClanahan, Vice President & Director of Digital Delivery
"Our mission is to continuously innovate where payments occur and commerce happens, and a lot of that has been in the mobile space. Monitise has done interesting work on m-commerce in the UK which is directly relevant to the projects we are working on here." Dominic Venturo, Chief Innovation Officer
"We decided to seek assistance from a solution with the text banking capability to deliver not only balance requests but also bill pay and transfer capabilities — the Monitise solution. Now, when people ask me which type of mobile to deploy first, I tell them, 'Definitely text banking.' It's been awesome." Bobby Berman, EVP of E-commerce
Monitise developed the HSBC Fast Balance app as part of a three-year deal between the two companies. Fast Balance is available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.
"We chose the Monitise mobile platform to strategically grow our mobile initiative because of the platform's integration with RSA Adaptive Authentication. We are confident that with this added layer of security, behind the scenes multifactor user authentication and fraud detection, our customers will be safer and more secure accessing private account information wherever they are." Christine Pierson, Executive Vice President, Consumer Service
"Working in collaboration with Monitise, Visa has made a significant enhancement to its issuer processing platform, Visa DPS, to offer mobile services that are fully managed by Visa and can be accessed with any mobile device, any mobile channel, and with any eligible debit, credit or prepaid account. The services offered by Visa DPS are a one-stop solution for Visa clients who want to serve their customers through the mobile channel without making significant investments in hardware, software or mobile expertise." John Partridge, President
Monitise's presence in North America was established in 2007, following a joint venture between Monitise and FIS, one of the world's largest global providers dedicated to banking and payments technologies. In October 2011, Monitise bought out FIS's 51% stake in the joint venture, with FIS taking a 3.3% equity stake in Monitise. In December 2011, Monitise signed a five-year strategic partnership agreement with FIS to create innovative mobile money services for existing and new clients.
"We selected the Monitise solution because it offers a comprehensive, best-of-breed suite of mobile banking services on a highly secure platform and will deliver the most valuable user experience for our customer base." Cory Newsom, President and CEO
"With PermataBank as the issuing bank and AGIT Monitise Indonesia behind the service, BBM Money customers know they have a partner with proven bank-grade standards that gives them the assurance and certainty they are looking for." Lauren Sulistiawati, Retail Banking Director
"The Monitise solution not only supports all major mobile banking functionality available today, but that also has a keen vision toward the innovation that will be shaping the mobile channel in the future." Brett Engstrom, Web Services Manager
"The Monitise solution provides a new channel for us to interact with our customer base, enables us to extend the reach of our banking services, and ultimately, grow our business." Richard Smith, President and CEO
"The mobile channel has proven its power in customer retention and satisfaction, and the flexibility of the Monitise platform allowed us to offer our customers a mobile banking platform that best meets their needs." Larry Howai, CEO
"At a time when staying in full control of their finances is a top priority for our customers, the Monitise solution's alert functionality enables us to immediately inform them about critical aspects of their accounts." Douglass M. Eberhardt, President and CEO
"Our new mobile banking product offers a "triple play" of services to our customers, allowing them to conveniently and securely access their banking information from the palm of their hands. We're convinced that once our customers try this technology they'll love how effortless it is to stay up to date with their accounts." Brad Paige, President and CEO
"The demand among our members for a mobile solution has far exceeded our expectations and offers a lesson to other credit unions - now is the time. Monitise offers a mobile solution that will allow for future growth and innovation and has played an invaluable part from development, through launch." Ron Amstutz, Executive Vice President